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One of the most amazing byproducts of my career is that I have met some of the most creative, passionate, stylish, and kind people – many of whom have become close friends. I had the tremendous privilege of featuring some of my all-time favorite designers and creatives in my book, Minimalista, and I am so excited to introduce them to you now.

Get ready for some interior inspiration and major eye candy coming your way!

Carly Waters

Visit her website: Carly Waters Style

Connect with her on Instagram: @carlywatersstyle

carly waters style in minimalista

Carly Waters Style is a full-service residential design firm based in Los Angeles, California. Carly herself is something of a Renaissance woman: she’s an attorney turned home organizer turned self-taught designer – and she’s stepped into each new role with ease.

I got to know Carly through the home-organizing world and knew that her signature warm minimalism and commitment to sustainable materials would be perfect in the book. And, given that my own bathroom is the size of a postage stamp and we don’t have a laundry room or a garage, I was extra grateful that Carly opened up those spaces to us. I love how Carly manages to make even storage and laundry spaces stylish, and her bathroom is definitely one of my all-time favorites.

carly waters style

Find her in the pages of Minimalista: 34, 55, 94 (right) 109, 135 (left), 149, 160, 163 (middle, right), 172, 208, 215 (right), 216 (left),229 (lower), 253, 269, 274, 279, 286; Photography by Vivian Johnson

Chrissy Hunter

Visit her website: Harlowe James

Connect with her on Instagram: @_harlowejames

chrissy hunter in minimalista

I’ve loved following Chrissy’s work over the years – she’s a popular blogger with a design studio based in Marin County, California. After reaching out to ask if she would like her home to be featured in my book, I was surprised and delighted to learn that her entire rental home is 500 square feet! And even though it’s a rental, she’s made it feel thoughtful, intentional, and personalized with renter-friendly touches like curtains, hardware, and light fixtures. She’s a master at sourcing and styling – I’ve even hired her to help source a few details and accessories for my own home!

Both Chrissy and her space were pure sunshine: she generously had croissants, blueberry muffins, and fresh flowers ready for us (an angel!), and her home was so naturally sunny and bright that we didn’t have to light the space at all.

chrissy hunter

Find her in the pages of Minimalista: 5 (left) 17, 22, 28, 31, 77, 93 (left) 103, 107, 139, 151 (left), 263 (left); Photography by Vivian Johnson

Brittany Chinaglia

Visit her website: Vintage Rug Shop

Connect with her on Instagram: @vintagerugshop + @brittanymakes

Brittany Chinaglia in minimalista

Brittany Chinaglia curates her Oakland, California, shop and design studio, Vintage Rug Shop, with the most exquisite rugs, textiles, and accessories – and it’s my one-stop local shop for candles, pillows, books, and gifts. (Even as a minimalist, I’d definitely like to have one of everything.)

I was delighted that Brittany let us use the shop as a backdrop for the book – the space is warm, homey, and inviting while also being polished and impossibly cool, much like Brittany herself. She’s also the founder of popular design blog and feed Brittany Makes, where she documents her home renovations. One quick scroll through her Instagram, and you’ll be majorly inspired!

Brittany Chinaglia

Find her in the pages of Minimalista: 63 (right), 65 (left), 69, 71, 72, 81 (left), 82, 93 (right) 94 (left) 145, 205 (right), 303, 304; Photography by Vivian Johnson

Clara Jung

Visit her website: Banner Day Interiors

Connect with her on Instagram: @bannerdayinteriors 

Clara Jung in Minimalista

Clara Jung is the owner and founder of Banner Day Interiors, a full-service residential designer firm based in Berkeley, California. I’ve long admired Clara for her impeccable style and bold use of color, texture, and wallpaper. While planning Minimalista, I knew I wanted to emphasize that minimalism can be bright, cheerful, and fun. Three separate colleagues suggested I ask Clara about featuring her home, as it’s the perfect reflection of playful minimalism.

Kind soul that she is, Clara generously gave me the keys to her home to shoot during the pandemic while she was out of town. I’m so grateful that she agreed to be featured, and I’m happy to call her a friend.

Clara Jung

Find her in the pages of Minimalista: 12, 45 (left) 57, 63 (left) 100, 105, 155, 173 (Hoopes Vineyard); Photography by Vivian Johnson

Anastasia Casey

Visit her website: Anastasia Casey

Connect with her on Instagram: @theidentitecollective + @idco.studio

Anastasia Casey minimalista

Though she hardly requires an introduction, Anastasia Casey is the founder of The Identite Collective blog, as well as IDCO Studio, a boutique creative agency and the first stop you should make for website templates, marketing materials, and business solutions for interior designers.

I had the pleasure of organizing Anastasia’s gorgeous kitchen and pantry years ago, and her drool-worthy spice jar situation is actually how I was first introduced to Paper and Pear labels! I immediately fell in love with Anastasia’s beautiful home, which is so thoughtfully curated down to the smallest details. (The rest of the world clearly agrees, given that Anastasia’s reveal of her stunning kitchen renovation practically broke the internet.)

We couldn’t make it to Austin, Texas, due to the pandemic, but talented Austin-based photographer Madeline Harper came to the rescue! We’re so grateful to be able to include Anastasia’s home – and Madeline’s stunning photography – in the book, despite the challenging circumstances.

Anastasia Casey

Find her in the pages of Minimalista: 10, 58, 81 (right), 88, 102, 116, 122, 130, 135 (right), 142; Photography by Madeline Harper

Zoe Ching

Visit her website: Zoe Ching 

Connect with her on Instagram: @zoching

Zoe Ching in minimalista

One of the featured homeowners in the book, Zoe Ching, is a creative triple threat: she’s a content creator, photographer, and videographer based in Portland, Oregon. She’s a good friend of my brother, Max, and when I visited her home last year, I immediately knew that her stunning blue kitchen simply had to make an appearance in the book!

During my visit, we collaborated on what ended up being the opening image of the book (which you can find on page ii) – I helped with some styling, while she set up the shot. I’m so grateful that she allowed me to share her space in the pages of Minimalista and that she had the skill to fill in as our photographer, too. (I told you – triple threat!)

Find her in the pages of Minimalista: page ii; Photography by Zoe Ching

Fiona Montgomery

Visit her website: Dodo Banana

Connect with her on Instagram:@dodobanana

Fiona Montgomery in minimalista

Fiona was one of my high school besties, and she was, and continues to be, one of the most stylish people I know. She was the co-founder of Thomas Sires in NYC, and now runs the popular kids’ PJ line Dodo Banana with artist and co-founder Alessandra Olanow. Fiona was kind enough to open up her son Max’s joyful nursery for us to include in the book. I love how she uses color and texture to create a playful and inviting kid’s space that still feels elevated. (I think it could work in adult spaces too – I am taking notes!)

Find her in the pages of Minimalista: page 222; Photography by Vivian Johnson

Hedy Lawrence

Connect with her on Instagram: @overthekitchensink + @mylifewithpaul (the latter will make you laugh out loud!)

Hedy Lawrence in minimalista

Hedy Lawrence, one of the featured homeowners in Minimalista, is a dear friend of mine with an amazing sense of style. I begged her to let me shoot her home for the book mere months after she bought her home in Oakland, California, and I’m so thankful she agreed!

Although she’s not a professional designer, Hedy has a brilliant eye for detail and a stunning minimal, neutral aesthetic. Her home is one of my greatest sources of interior inspiration, and is a testament to the idea that you never know where you’ll find design inspiration.

Hedy Lawrence

Find her in the pages of Minimalista: 5 (right) 6, 15 (left) 45 (right), 61, 146, 165, 171, 189, 219, 297; Photography by Vivian Johnson

I hope that this list provided you with some new people and brands to follow, support, and be inspired by. And, don’t forget, the U.S. book launch of Minimalista is next Tuesday, November 2nd. Click here to get your copy!

All Images Reprinted from Minimalista Copyright 2021 by Shira Gill. Published by Ten Speed Press, an imprint of Random House, a division of Penguin Random House LLC.

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