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Inspiration: My New Favorite Organizing Book

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I have been a huge fan of Remodelista for years and when I heard about their new book and website dedicated to all things home organizing, I did a happy dance around my living room.

The book is not only beautiful, but also filled with simple, stylish, practical ideas for every room in your home.

Here's a great book that teaches you all about organization.

I’m also a huge fan of their organizing manifesto which includes sage advice such as: Buy fewer (and better) things, shop from your own home, steal ideas from teachers and shopkeepers, and establish habits and routines that simplify your life.

The book also includes a comprehensive list of resources including closet organizers, carts, hooks, office supplies, and other stylish utility items.

Need a home organization book? Here's a great one that inspires Shira Gill.

Treat yourself to the book (also a thoughtful gift) or check out the website which is also chock full of great tips.

Happy organizing!

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2 comments on “Inspiration: My New Favorite Organizing Book

  1. This is at the TOP of my wishlist this year! I always struggle with what to ask for from the parents/in-laws/grandparents who still insist on getting me gifts. So this year I just sent them my Amazon book wishlist.

  2. I am a maximalist but, as you know, I need the excess to be organized and accessible. The website is terrific. I will also purchase the book as a perfect Xmas present for my daughters-in-law — so many good ideas. Thanks for posting!

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