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It’s Workin’ For Us: Glasses + Straws

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I went to a birthday party recently and there were these amazing refreshing drinks served in mason jars with colorful paper straws. It was so delightful to kids and adults alike I decided to copy it in my own home. I filled a mason jar with straws for easy access and now the kids and I enjoy fun beverages every day! My husband, otherwise known as the Grinch who stole fun, has taken a pass on my festive drinking accessories. Oh well. You can’t win them all. Happy hydrating!

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One comment on “It’s Workin’ For Us: Glasses + Straws

  1. I always use a straw if I’m drinking something with ice in it, so we have cute acrylic straws for re-use. We keep them in the utensil drawer but I might relocate them to standing in a jar or cup like this. The little things do make every day seem more fun and special!

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