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It’s Workin’ For Us: Toy Storage

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I am excited to introduce my new series “It’s Workin’ For Us!” where I will give a little peek into my life and home, highlighting organization, storage and decor ideas that are working for my family.

My two-year old, Chloe, is a big fan of imaginative play and I wanted to create a system where she could help herself to dolls, tea-sets, play food, etc. and clean up easily. Enter, Pottery Barn’s storage bins. They have handles, they are super durable, and they fit perfectly on our bookshelf.

Chloe has six bins and each one has a different set of play things. At the moment we are featuring a tea set, doll accessories, play ice cream, play cupcakes, play cookies and a doctors kit. She loves to pull out the bins herself, play on the soft carpet in her room and then (with some encouragement) toss everything back and put them away. We have been using them since she was little and I rotate the contents every few months or when she gets bored: A simple system that has proven to be very successful!


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4 comments on “It’s Workin’ For Us: Toy Storage

  1. I found that toys got larger and didn’t fit into the bins that were able to fit on our shelves. Then we got larger bins and now the kids can’t pull them out or put them back on their own. With a son and daughter they play with such different stuff that I feel like I have a million bins and they can’t tell what is inside them. I’m trying to focus on the good part of it, that my living room looks good!

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