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How to Start Taking Action

Let me tell you a story. A few years ago, my mentor asked me to give a keynote at her annual business mastermind. She wanted me to talk about virtual programs. Now, at the time, I had just launched my first ever virtual program, The Virtual Closet Makeover program, and I felt wildly under-qualified to […]

Living Room Refresh with Spatial Soulutions

I’ve almost run out of rooms to transform, but not quite yet, Friends! You know I get restless and like to mix things up from time to time. This time I had my eye on a living room refresh. I didn’t want to break the bank investing in new furniture, so I partnered with Dany […]

The two reasons you're not organized

The two most common culprits and what to do about them.

House tour + Resources

I’m taking you on a full house tour, and sharing all of the resources I get asked about most!

Here's what to do when things go wrong

Tips for when you feel like you are failing.

The rule of one

The story about the sunglasses, and how the Rule of One can help simplify your life.

One room three ways

I’m giving you the skinny on how we’re switching up our space to support our changing priorities as a family.

When minimalism goes too far

The story about the jeans and the Bar Mitzvah.

This is how to make storage work in a small home

I’m showing you how we store everything from liquor to art supplies in our 1200 sf home.

You don't actually need to own these five things

I’m sharing the most common items people think they need, but could probably do without.

5 Transformative Habits

Small tasks with big results. Five minutes and five days to kick-start a new you.

Need some inspiration? Watch this.

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