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Kid Art

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Many of my clients ask me how to handle the masses of “kid art” that get brought home from school every week. My own daughter has become quite the little artist lately and I have started searching for creative ways to handle the inflow of arts and crafts. Here are a few solutions to consider:

1. Edit! As with everything, I think editing is the best solution. Set a limit and stick to it. Perhaps, you will pick a favorite sketch every month. You can get your kids involved by having them select their most treasured item every week or month and putting together a beautiful book or art box each year that documents their progress.

2. Create a Rotating Gallery: Using clips on ribbon or pop out frames you can create a mini art gallery and rotate out the art every few weeks or months. These clips from Land of Nod are a brilliant idea!

3. Scan or Photograph Each Item: If you have a had time editing, a clever space-saving option is to scan the works and create a book, poster or online gallery.

You can also shrink the images down and create a large collage which includes all of them. Jan Eleni Interiors will create stunning collages for you or you can check the site for inspiration!

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