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Kid Closet Makeover with The Laundress

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The Laundress is one of my favorite companies for clean, non-toxic laundry and cleaning products. When they asked me to partner with them to spread the word about their new closet accessories line, I didn’t hesitate!

Since we have only two closets in our entire home, our girls’ closet does double duty as a storage space for sentimental items, hand-me-downs, and items to grow into.

The closet was looking a little cluttered and rough around the edges. Here’e how we quickly transformed it into a streamlined and practical space:

Find out how I quickly transformed our girls' closet into a streamlined and practical space

Start Fresh

We started by taking everything out. We gave the closet a good clean and vacuumed so we would have a truly fresh start.

Sort It Out

Next, we sorted into piles by category – clothing in one pile, stuffed animals in one pile, games in one pile – you get the picture. Once we could see what we were working with, I asked the girls to put anything they didn’t love, or use, into the donate bin. They wanted to part with clothing that didn’t fit, games they no longer played with, and books that felt too young. I was surprised at how easily we were able to fill several large donation bags.

Relocate What Doesn’t Belong

It’s important to define what items belong in any given space. This closet is meant to store games and books, party dresses and shoes, items to be donated and items for the girls to grow into. Everything else needed to be relocated!

We were able to quickly identify the random items that had migrated into the closet (there’s that tennis ball!) and relocate them elsewhere in our home.

Start off your kid closet makeover by taking everything out and sorting.

Store & Style

In order to make sure the girls could maintain their streamlined space with ease, we set up The Laundress storage boxes with labels to contain items by type. We stored seldom-used items on the highest shelves (i.e items to grow into and sentimental items) and the hanging storage was perfect for displaying favorite shoes and accessories, ensuring easy access for the girls.

As a final touch, we also upgraded our sad laundry bin with a new one (see below), which is super lightweight and can handle a weeks worth of laundry.

Use storage bins with labels to streamline the space.

Create a Simple Tidying Routine

Once a space is set up and organized, it’s important to practice consistent habits to maintain it. In our house, the girls are expected to help fold and put away their clean laundry each week and do a quick sweep of their room before bed to make sure dirty clothes made it into the laundry bin, and that their toys and projects are put away.

The Laundress is one of my favorite companies for clean, non-toxic laundry and cleaning products.

I love how it all turned out, and it’s so much easier to manage and keep tidy!

*For full transparency, this is a sponsored post and all Laundress products were gifted to me. I only feature products that I love and use in my own home and hope you’ll love these as much as I do!

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Image Credit: Vivian Johnson Photography

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2 comments on “Kid Closet Makeover with The Laundress

  1. I love the idea of curtains for a closet door! We also have boxes of items stored on the upper shelf of our kids’ closet. In earthquake country, is a curtain still a good idea? I feel like the closet doors would at least catch the boxes from falling out into the room. I look forward to your thoughts!

    1. Hi Jennifer – I’m sure a door is safer but the girls love how open it is with a curtain, so I just make sure the boxes on the high shelves are nice and light 🙂

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