Less Drama, More Action

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I just spent almost a full hour talking to my husband about all the work I had to do and how stressed out I was about it. It was a colossal waste of time.

When I finally sat down to work, I actually completed what I needed to get done in under an hour. So, here’s the lesson: Spend less time indulging in drama and more time taking action.

Here are three ways you can spare yourself the mental anguish and just get down to business:

Take action today by following some simple tips!

Stop Indulging in Overwhelm

One of my mentors once said that “worry pretends to be necessary.” Spending time in worry, anxiety, and a state of overwhelm never got anyone anywhere. When you feel those negative emotions do your best to acknowledge them, take a deep breath, and then move forward in spite of them.

Focus on Facts Only

It’s so easy to speak in hyperbole when we feel overwhelmed. The next time you find yourself lamenting that your to-do list is never ending or you’re drowning in work, take a few minutes to jot down just the facts. Strip away all the drama and simply make a list. You might find that you have five things to do or three appointments and one meeting. Facts are neutral and we get to decide how we feel about them. Generally, when I do this exercise I realize everything is more manageable than I suspected, and I feel tremendous relief.

Try the 15-Minute Rule

Feeling overwhelmed by a major task? Commit to taking action for just 15-minutes. This mental trick will allow your brain to relax (It’s just 15 minutes!), and you will start to experience yourself as someone who takes action and gets things done. It’s also amazing what you can accomplish in a very short amount of time and you may find you want to keep going once you get over the initial resistance.

All right. What’s been nagging you for weeks, months, or years on your to-do list? Will you try these techniques and let me know how it goes? I promise these little hacks can make a huge difference!

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