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Letting Go of Clutter When it Feels Hard

If you truly want less clutter in your home, but feel overwhelmed or resistant to parting with your stuff, you may simply be focusing on the wrong questions as you assess each item. 

Unhelpful Questions:

Could this be useful one day?

Did someone give this to me?

Did I pay a lot of money for this item?

These questions are rooted in guilt, obligation and fear, and will provide you with the justification to keep just about anything!

Helpful Questions:

Does this item support my current values and priorities?

Does this item fit in with the vision I have for my ideal home?

Does this item feel important and meaningful to me?

Could this item be useful/helpful for another person?


These questions will help keep you focused on creating a space that supports your current goals and lifestyle. They are rooted in abundant thinking – i.e “If I end up needing an eyeglass repair kit, I can easily buy or borrow one.” The goal, of course, is not to be careless, or get rid of everything, but, rather, to remain focused on keeping things that are truly meaningful and functional for you in the present.

Bonus tips for making it feel extra good to get rid of your clutter:

  • I recommend clearing clutter from your home in manageable chunks – one small space at a time.  Even if you limit yourself to cleaning out only the junk drawer, completing a job you start bring tremendous satisfaction.
  • Connect with a local non-profit or charity that can benefit from your donations can also prove helpful and motivate you to let go of more while helping your community. A win-win. 
  • Create a vision board of your ideal space. When you get stuck in the editing process, use the board as a reminder of what you are trying to create.  If you keep keep the destination close, the journey of decluttering will feel shorter and less fraught with anxiety.

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