Let’s Talk About Your Underwear Drawer

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I’ll get right to it: I’ve had the privilege of seeing a lot of people’s underwear drawers, and can confidently tell you that if you feel like your underwear drawer could use a little love, you are in good company. Here’s the great news: this is an easy one to fix.

For a quick and impactful makeover, I suggest taking a few minutes to toss any old receipts and gum wrappers, and relocate any random household items that are cluttering up this workhorse drawer. Next, it’s time to address the underwear itself. It’s easy to think that underwear doesn’t matter, but think about how you feel when you put on tired, ratty clothes vs. items that fit and flatter and feel good on your skin.

underwear drawer

My rule of thumb with underwear? If your collection is feeling a bit sad, send the whole lot to your local textile recycling center, and start fresh! You have my blessing to treat yourself to a new high quality set. If you do laundry at least once a week, than I suggest 10 – 15 pairs max. You can employ the help of drawer organizers to keep things neat and tidy.

underwear drawer

Recently, as I was gearing up to refresh my own daily basics, I was thrilled to be introduced to Phoebe Kunitomi, founder of okko. I immediately fell in love with the chic, minimal brand, and seized the opportunity to completely refresh my own top drawer. Their edited collection includes colors for every skin tone, and focuses on what matters most when it comes to underwear – versatility, reliability, and comfort. I’m a total convert now. 

I was so excited to sit down with Phoebe to talk about her mission, minimalism, and really good underwear.

okko underwear

Q. Why did you decide to create okko?

I started okko in late 2018 while pursuing my MBA at Wharton. The idea for the brand was born out of an acute personal frustration. As many women can relate, I had a perfect outfit for a party, but my top drawer was filled with undergarments that either showed through it or were simply too uncomfortable to wear.

I wanted to change all of that. That’s why we create body wear that women wear to forget. It means that our pieces are so versatile, and comfortable, women never have to think twice again about getting dressed.

okko intimates

Q. How is your work informed and inspired by minimalism?

Like people, okko has evolved, mirroring my own development as an entrepreneur and human being. ‘Doing more with less’ is my personal mantra (I wore 10 pieces of clothing for 100 days last year!). Over the past several months, I have started to more deliberately connect my minimalist ideals and the mission behind the brand.

It’s a given that (most) women need to wear underwear and bras. But, do we need undergarments, or material possessions in general, that we rarely wear or don’t add value to our lives? My answer is probably not.

Today, what I hope okko stands for is something more than quality, wearable undergarments. Rather, okko is a brand advocating for more thoughtful, conscious consumption, starting with our top drawer. We are not about reducing our lives to bare bones possessions. Rather, we aim to speak to women who want to free their lives of unnecessary clutter in order to make room for more: more experiences, more confidence, and more freedom to wear your favorites.

okko intimates

Q. What inspires you most?

Great question! Although we are a minimalist brand, it does not mean we only cater to minimalists. It’s actually quite the opposite. My #1 source of inspiration is the many wonderful women I have met while building out okko. And, that’s reflected in our name: okko stands for ‘Our Kind of #KnockOut.’ The confidence, and mindset, of our #knockout community gets our team going every single morning.


Thank you, Phoebe!

It may feel like you can’t control much right now, but you can do something kind for your underwear drawer today. I chose a combo of onyx, creme, and honey for my refresh. You can check out okko’s capsule collection right here and find the right colors and styles for you.


Image Credit: Vivian Johnson Photography 

Product: Gifted by okko

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