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LIFESTYLED shares a game changing toolkit to help you edit, organize, and elevate your entire life – from health and wellness, to career, finance, relationships, personal development and beyond.

Transform your home, life, mindset, and schedule with actionable prompts, and easy wins—little things you can integrate or practice for quick, transformative results, even when you are short on time or capacity.

Get ready to achieve more ease, alignment, and freedom, one tiny step at a time.

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"LifeStyled is an indispensable guide to creating a beautiful life centered on what matters most. It’s a must-read for anyone who wants to feel more grounded and more purposeful in daily life."

— Ingrid Fetell Lee, author of Joyful

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"Shira makes intentional living joyful, attainable, and delightfully irresistible. LifeStyled is a game changer and lifesaver. It’s the playbook for a “perfectly enough” life - one that’s smart on systems, low on stress, and rich in meaning."
— Bonnie Wan, Author of The Life Brief
"Equal parts pragmatic and inspiring, Shira presents a realistic and empathetic plan for crafting a more intentional life in a chaotic world."
— Cal Newport, New York Times bestselling author of Slow Productivity and Digital Minimalism
"In this soothing and lovely book, Shira shares practical tips for living the well-styled life — with the humor and warmth of a dear friend. From managing your time to managing your stuff, LifeStyled has it all."
— Laura Vanderkam, author of Tranquility by Tuesday
“From managing your home, career, and schedule to building better routines for self-care and fostering a positive mindset, LifeStyled is a compass for those longing for a life brimming with ease and fulfillment.”
— Anita Yokota, author of Home Therapy
"We all need a friend who doesn't just say 'get your sh*t together' but 'here's how'. From page 1, Shira offers actionable systems, suggestions, and shifts with zero shame and a whole lot of love. What a gift!"
— Samara Bay, author of Permission to Speak
“Shira understands that too much stuff can paradoxically make you feel like you don't have enough: Enough space, enough time, enough energy. Her process brings spaciousness, clarity, and freedom."
— Elise Loehnen, NYT Bestselling author of On Our Best Behavior
“The life organizing handbook everyone needs to build healthy lifestyle habits, streamline routines, delete the excess, and save time—all with style and ease.”
— Julia Rockwell, author of Mothering Earth: The Busy Family's Guide to Saving the Planet
“In a noisy and complicated world, this book is a brilliant antidote to the overwhelm.”
— Julio Vincent Gambuto, author of Please Unsubscribe, Thanks!
“This powerful guide cuts through mental clutter to help you simplify your daily routines and cultivate a life of ease and freedom. 'LifeStyled' equips you to transform your world, one small step at a time.”
— Shirin Etessam, author of Free to Be: A Six Week Guide to Reclaiming Your Soul

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