Living Room Refresh with Spatial Soulutions

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I’ve almost run out of rooms to transform, but not quite yet, Friends! You know I get restless and like to mix things up from time to time. This time I had my eye on a living room refresh. I didn’t want to break the bank investing in new furniture, so I partnered with Dany of Spatial Soulutions, to quickly update the space without breaking the bank.

Here is the living room before the refresh:

Before the Living Room Refresh by Shira Gill Home

My goal was to lighten it up and have it feel a little more cohesive and stylish. Enter, Dany, founder of Spatial Soulutions. After a quick video call to see the space and talk through my goals, Dany suggested some quick and affordable updates. What I loved most about working with her is that it was a totally flexible and collaborative process. I shot down a few ideas and Dany instantly offered new ones to consider. Once we arrived at a shared vision for the space, she sent me shop-able links so I didn’t have to enter a single store to complete the makeover!

After the Living Room Refresh by Shira Gill Home

Here are my biggest takeaways from working with Dany:

Go Green

I am notorious for killing plants, but Dany convinced me that bringing a bit of nature in would add warmth to the space. I clipped some “bunny tails” from a neighbor’s yard since they look good dry, and Dany suggested a “ZZ” plant which is known for being resilient. She picked out a white ceramic pot from West Elm which I loved so much I bought one for my bedroom as well!

Swap Textiles

I had wool pillows which the whole family thought were itchy and terrible. Dany suggested keeping the inserts and swapping the covers out to transform the aesthetic. When I removed the wool covers I realized that I had several old covers that we could repurpose. Dany sourced a few more to fill in the gaps and I loved how the space felt instantly lighter and softer. I also brought a bedroom rug downstairs and gave away our old rug to our neighbor’s daughter who was doing a room refresh of her own.

Living Room Refresh by Shira Gill Home

Update Art

We loved our art which was made by a family friend but ready to mix it up. Art is tricky and I was on a tight budget, so we found some mid-century prints on Etsy that were $6 to buy as instant downloads. Dany instructed me to print them on matte poster paper at my local FedEx which cost about twenty per print. Then I scored some light oak frames at Cheap Pete’s for thirty dollars a pop.

Do Judge a Book by Its Cover

Books are an easy and affordable way to add style and visual interest to a space. We discovered that I already had plenty of pretty style and design books I could add to the space. Dany reminded me to remove the glossy covers and style them in neat stacks with objects layered on top of them.

Living Room Refresh by Shira Gill Home

It’s All in the Details

Once I had updated the space by adding plants, art, and new textiles, Dany and I hopped on another video call to assess the space. Since I was after a cohesive look, Dany had me add a few finishing touches I would not thought of – we added this pretty candle, a ceramic bowl, and some African beads I snagged from The Vintage Rug Shop.

All told, the makeover only took a few weeks and a few hundred dollars to pull together and I am so happy with how it all came together.

Can you apply any of these tips to help refresh your own space? I’d love to hear how you keep things fresh in your own home without investing in a full redesign!

Thank you, Dany, for partnering with me on this speedy transformation. Lucky for all of us, Dany has just launched virtual styling packages so you can transform your space no matter where you live. Check them out, and get started right here.

P.S. Ready to take 2020 by storm? My brand new program, Get Organized Master Class, launches next week. Stay tuned!

Image Credit: Vivian Johnson Photography

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