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I am a sucker for sweets and I am always on the hunt for the next best sugar fix.

I met Kathryn, of Love Bites Bakeshop, a few days ago and was fortunate enough to sample some of her incredible cupcake creations. With flavors like Snickerdoodle, Salted Caramel and Red Velvet, and the most delicate moist cake I have ever tasted, I became an instant fan… and addict. The best part is, not only are they delicious, they are adorable!┬á Poor Kathryn has no idea what good friends we are about to become.┬á Like, speed-dial good.┬á BFFs.┬á Family trips.

But seriously, if you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, impress guests at your next soiree, and support a small local business all at the same time, check out Love Bites Bakeshop…

Q. How did you learn to bake?

A. I have always had such a sweet tooth and was tired of going to bakeries especially cupcakeries that left me disappointed with calories not worth consuming.  I started practicing and after 2 years, I finally created my own recipes and frostings.

Q. What inspired you to start your shop?

A. To be honest, it was a surprise.┬á My brother in law’s cousin was a realtor and ordered a few dozen for an open house.┬á That’s how it all started and here I am!

Q. What is your favorite way to display cupcakes at a party?

A. Stands are always a cute way to display cupcakes, but if you do not have any,  placing them on large white rectangular platters keep it clean, modern and simple.

For menus and info check out Love Bites Bakeshop Online!

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