Marin Country Mart

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Ever since I left LA, I have been praying that the owners of the beloved Brentwood Country Mart would expand to Northern California. I finally got over to scope out the Marin Country Mart today and was thrilled with what I discovered! A sweet collection of boutiques is coming together and I was told that Three Twins Ice Cream and Cowgirl Creamery were signed on to join shortly. Check out the calendar of events for family friendly events including live music, outdoor movies and ponies rides for the kids.

First stop was Poppy Store which was one of the most charming well-edited selections of baby and kids clothing and accessories I have ever seen. Bonus points for the glass jars of bright candies and gorgeous art propped against the back shelves.

Next, I visited Malia Mills which had a lovely (yet pricey) collection of clothing. As I browsed around I became more than a little smitten with this lamp which I tracked down at West Elm!

On my way back to my car I took a gander at Berry Bliss yogurt and fell in love with their tart plain flavor with fresh raspberries. A close second to So Cal’s Pinkberry. So happy to have a little taste of LA here in the Bay!

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