Mentorship Spotlight: A Considered Home

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I’m so excited to share another fun success story from the Business Mentorship Program with you! Next up is Lindsay Downes, busy mother of two young boys, a military spouse, and the founder of A Considered Home. Lindsay has a Master’s degree in child development, and has personally moved with her family five times in six years. I was so excited to help her bring her business vision to life.

Like so many people, Lindsay had everything she needed inside of her – she just needed a little guidance and support to help her structure and launch her dream business. It was a total delight to work with her, and I’m so excited to introduce her to you!

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Why did you decide to seek support when launching your own business?

I signed up for the mentorship program because I wanted to get started on the right foot. When I decided to take the leap into starting my own business as a professional organizer, my only point of reference was people I followed on instagram and Marie Kondo. I had a few close friends and family who were cheering me on, but most people were like, “You want to do what?! And get paid for it?!” Having Shira in my corner provided both the structure I needed to build the foundation of my business, as well as the sense of possibility that this could be really successful and wasn’t some crazy pipe dream.

What specific results were you after?

I had been a follower of Shira’s for years, through at least two of her website rebrands, so I really wanted her eyes on my website and my messaging to help make it fun and approachable. She started her business when she was in a similar position to me—a mom of two young kids with a limit on how long she could be with a client, so I felt like she could really understand where I was, and help me build a business that fit my life. I wanted her help to get my package and pricing structure down. Hourly pricing didn’t feel very good to me, but it seemed to be the norm in the industry. Shira helped me come up with a structure that felt right and honored my time.


What life lessons have you learned from being a military family?

Moving on average every 18 months gives me the opportunity to unpack every (and I do mean EVERY) item in our home. When you’ve unwrapped cocktail glasses that you’ve never used for the third time, you kind of start to wonder whether it’s really worth your time and effort to keep them around. Clearing out the non-essential has streamlined our moves and keeps day to day life easier with less to maintain and clean.
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While we own our home in Virginia, we are usually renting and not always living in homes that are exactly the way we want them to be. Instead of giving up on loving my home until I have the perfect one, I’ve learned to love the one I’m with. I fully unpack and decorate every home we live in (even if we are only there for 6 months!), and I find creative ways to make it super functional. I think it’s really important, especially in this transient life, to feel settled wherever we go. Organization goes a long way to creating a sense of control and tranquility at home (something we could all use a bit more of these days!). It’s pretty safe to say that after all these moves around the world and back again, making a house feel like home is my superpower!

What are some of your proudest wins over the past year?

Starting the business (during COVID nonetheless!) and not only seeing clients, but blowing past my projected income goals, is definitely the biggest win. I’ve also been featured on a few major online platforms—home52RealSimple, and the Minimalist Moms podcast, and I’ve worked with 13 clients, both virtual and in person, in the first two months of really “opening” for business.


Anything unexpected that you learned over the past year?

Shira made me feel really confident in setting boundaries for myself, particularly around pricing and when I work. I think it’s really easy as a new solo-preneur to say yes to things like taking clients on the weekends or discounting services. She made me feel confident that I could, and should, be firm, clear, and unapologetic about my boundaries.

I also found out I really love virtual organizing! It wasn’t something I planned on doing initially, but the pandemic hit just after I decided to launch my business so I was able to offer it from the start. In a way, I’ve been lucky that I haven’t had to adjust to a new normal because my business has only existed in the COVID world.

Did you change personally as a result of completing this program?

My life has completely changed. Before this, I was a stay at home mom who was feeling really stir crazy and kind of unfulfilled (sorry, kids). I’ve always been really driven to contribute and do meaningful work, and I just felt like I wasn’t living up to my potential. I was looking at going back to work, but as a military spouse with a multi-year work gap, my options felt limited. I had been secretly fantasizing about having my own professional organizing business with a focus on simple, elevated style for a while, and on a whim decided to see if Shira offered coaching. The very fact that her program even existed made me feel like this fantasy could be a reality. Finally, after an uninspiring day networking and resume writing, I decided to take the leap and do what I knew would make me happy. It felt really scary, but deep down I knew it was something I could do, and that Shira would help me do it. I’m the kind of person who, when I do something, I need to do it right. I fully believe in investing in myself and my business as a way to achieve my goals, so making the decision to do Shira’s program was a total no brainer.

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Now I feel like I’m living my purpose, as cheesy as that might sound! I get to take something I do really well, and am really passionate about, and share with with other people to help them experience more joy and tranquility at home. For me, The Mentorship Program is what made it all possible. The fact that I knew it existed made taking the leap into the unknown way less scary because I had someone to guide me.

Tell us more about A Considered Home! What’s coming up next?

I am a professional organizer, but I call myself a home editor and life simplifier. My mission is to make people happier at home by clearing the clutter and creating simple systems for easy maintenance. I believe in the power of our homes to help us live our best lives, and I help my clients maximize joy and eliminate overwhelm by working collaboratively to create spaces that support their values.

My background in child development makes me particularly passionate about helping families rein in the kid clutter to enjoy more time together and spend less time looking for lost puzzle pieces. While I have been seeing clients in person, I also love, and have had great success, working virtually, so if you’re looking for an accountability partner to finally get your house streamlined and simplified but without the risk of having someone in your home, I’m your gal!


Thank you, Lindsay, and congrats on all of your success! Find Lindsay at A Considered Home, or on her lovely Instagram feed.

If you’ve been daydreaming about your own business venture, I’d love to help. Learn more about the Mentorship Program right HERE.

Image Credit: Cherish Pennington Photography

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