Minimalism: 5 Benefits of Owning Less

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This country is not geared towards minimalism.  There are messages everywhere telling us that in order to feel happy, fulfilled, and successful we need to buy more stuff. But, I have actually seen the exact opposite to be true: The less stuff I have the more abundant my life feels in every way. Here are a few examples:


When new clients contact me, a common lament is that they rarely entertain because their cluttered home causes them stress, or even shame. Having a clutter-free house makes it easy to fill your home with friends and family, and entertain with ease.


Because our home is so streamlined and minimal, we are able to quickly and easily pack for trips and rent out our house on vacation rental sites. Travel is one of my greatest values.  I love that we can take our girls to see the world and even make money renting out our home while we are on vacation.


Less stuff requires greater creativity. I love watching my girls create forts out of couch pillows and craft incredible art projects out of nothing more than tape, scissors and a cardboard box. I also enjoy the creative challenge of maximizing my wardrobe by trying different combinations, layers, and accessories.


Think about how much time you spend looking for misplaced items, tidying up messes, and trying to get organized. When you declutter your house it is easy to find what you need and you will reclaim both time and energy to spend on things you care about.

Financial Freedom

Have you ever bought the same-ish thing multiple times because you didn’t realize you already owned something similar?  People who live a minimal lifestyle shop less and are much more intentional about what they buy.

There is a common misconception that minimalism equates to depravation and scarcity. In fact, living with all of the things you love, but nothing more, can lead to incredible abundance, creativity, and freedom.


Need a little support kickstarting your clutter-free life? Start with this list:

3 Things to Let Go of Now

Duplicates – Have five wine keys but really only need one? Ditto for appliances, electronics, and that black sweater you have ten of.

Trash – Here’s some low hanging fruit! Do a sweep of your counters and surfaces and make sure to get the trash – well, in the trash.

Gifts You Don’t Want – You have my permission to donate the gifts you don’t want and the side of guilt.

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