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Minimalista will help you edit your belongings, organize your home, and make space for what matters most.

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Warm, funny, and direct, Shira builds you up while helping you edit down to the best version of yourself.

— Stacy London, Style Expert, NYT Best Selling Author of The Truth About Style

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Minimalista Book by Shira Gill

Ready to kick-start your clutter-free life and start feeling happier at home?

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I identified with so many of the important lessons Shira teaches in Minimalista. Now I’ll know what book to recommend when people ask me to help them on their journey towards minimalism!

— Garance Doré, New York Times Best Selling Author of Love Style Life

About Shira

Shira is the creative force behind Shira Gill Home. Her mission is to inspire people to clear physical and mental clutter so they can reduce their environmental footprint, create space for what they truly care about, and live lives more aligned with their core values.

Over the past ten years, Shira has helped thousands of clients all over the globe, and developed a process and toolkit that applies to anyone, regardless of their budget, space, or lifestyle.

Shira Gill is the funniest, wisest, most entertaining writer in the organizing game. If you only buy one book this year featuring a fake word ending in -ista, make it this one.
— Adam Mansbach, #1 NYT Best selling author
Minimalista is the holy grail for curating a minimal, functional and inviting home.
— Lily Cameron, Founder of The Wild Minimalist, Author of Simply Sustainable
This book is the resource, encouragement and inspiration you need to create a home you love today, and keep you on track in the future.
— Natalie Walton, International Best Selling Author of This is Home
Minimalista will help you find your dream home beneath the clutter. This book is an indispensable guide for anyone who wants to pare back to what is essential and let go of the rest.
— Laura Fenton, Author of The Little Book of Living Small
Shira's approach will help you reframe what you buy and why and then how to live alongside everything in your home in a way that is honorable, liberating, and ironically, maximizing.
— Elise Loehnen, Author, Former Chief Content Officer at Goop
From providing a user-friendly tool kit on how to curate and maintain a minimalist lifestyle, to giving practical guidance for simplifying our living spaces, Minimalista offers a fun, approachable framework for functional minimalism -- one that we all need.
— Christine Platt, Author of The Afrominimalist’s Guide to Living with Less

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