My 5-Minute Minimalist Beauty Routine

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Even for those of us who are primarily working from home, I believe it’s important to get dressed and put a little effort into how we look and feel each day- not for others, just for ourselves.

For the most part, I’ve been a soap and water kind of girl my whole life. I have zero skills when it comes to hair or makeup, and I believe that glowing skin comes from good sleep, lots of water, and lucky genetics. All of that being said, I do care about how I look, and I try to put in a little effort each day to show up as my best (looking) self. Over the years I’ve found a few products (all linked below in case you’re curious) that I swear by and adopted a handful of daily habits that feel both easy and impactful.

Ready for my five-minute minimalist beauty routine? You bet you are. Let’s go!

Start with a Fresh Face

I take a quick shower every single morning, and I give my face a quick wash with this organic foaming facial cleanser from Botnia. I typically wear a shower cap (this is the best one) because I only wash my hair once or twice a week.

SPF for the Win

Everyone should know by now how important it is to wear SPF every day. It took me years to find one that didn’t feel sticky or greasy, and I’ve been using the Slip Tint SPF from Saie and love that it is both non-toxic and a tinted moisturizer. I slather it all over my face each day, and sometimes combine it with a pump of their glowy super gel for a healthy glow. It’s an added bonus that the product tubes are made from sugarcane instead of plastic.

Minimalist Makeup

I like the kind of makeup that highlights your natural beauty and doesn’t camouflage your face. I always like a pinky nude on my lips and cheeks, and this multi-purpose cheek + lip tint from clean beauty queen, Tata Harper, is my current fave. It takes three seconds to apply for a natural, flushed look. I have long, but light, lashes, so I swear by the power of a good black mascara. I finish off my makeup with a quick swipe of this brow butter by Saie which grooms, sets brows in place, and moisturizes. My entire makeup routine probably takes three minutes, but leaves me feeling exponentially more polished and pulled together for my day.

I Can’t do Hair

Maybe my beauty routine would take longer if I had any hair skills whatsoever, but since I don’t, I typically throw my locks into a messy bun and call it a day. If I’m going on camera, or taking meetings, I use this magical brush from the Dry Bar people to smooth out my hair before putting it back in a messy knot. I swear by a little leave in conditioner or coconut oil for leaving your locks shiny and healthy, and have never invested much in other hair products.

Hydration is Key

I am pretty evangelical about drinking tons of water, and I pretty much think it is the answer to almost everything. And it’s free! Aside from hydrating all day, I also love to use a little face oil and eye cream before bed, and when I have the energy I moisturize my body with whatever body cream we have on hand.

My mom is in her late seventies, looks amazing, and has never used anything other than soap and water and a little moisturizer, so I think I’ve always been a bit skeptical of the beauty product industry (that, plus a number of other well documented reasons for skepticism). That being said, I think a few good products can go a long way. It’s taken me years to identify products I love that are also clear of toxic chemicals, smell nice, and feel good on my skin. If you’re looking to refresh your own beauty regimen, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites for you right here.

Have a product or easy feel good habit you swear by? I’d love to hear about it. Post in the comments below.

Image Credit: Vivian Johnson Photography

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