My Minimalist Cleaning Routine

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Fun fact: I live for a clean house, but I don’t love cleaning. Because of these two opposing truths, I’ve found a way of streamlining and simplifying my cleaning routine to make it feel easy-breezy. Read on for my low-lift, high-impact cleaning routine – plus the eco-friendly products I swear by.

cleaning routineStreamline Your Products

This is a biggie. I used to buy ALL of the cleaning products which created a chemical jumble under my sink that was both cumbersome to organize and bad for the environment. When a friend of mine raved about Branch Basics, a fragrance free, non-toxic, baby and pet safe, cleaning concentrate that can be combined with varying amounts of water to create every product you need for your entire home, I gave it a go. Now there’s simply no going back. I currently have TWO cleaning products under my sink (The Concentrate) paired with a set of bottles I use to make dish soap, window cleaner, floor cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, and even a laundry solution, just by adding water. I also keep a container of Oxygen Boost on hand for tougher jobs like cleaning carpets, stain removal, burnt pots and pans, and refreshing grout. Goodbye, under-sink clutter.

cleaning routineEnlist Some Help

Our family invests in a wonderful housecleaner who comes every other week and always makes our entire home feel sparkly clean. In between visits I’ll give the house a quick freshen up (wiping down surfaces and mirrors, and using our cordless vacuum to whisk away any pet hair or dust bunnies). This never takes more than fifteen minutes and makes a huge difference for my mental health (even though nobody else in my family cares or notices). In addition, I’m a big fan of the mantra “shared space is shared responsibility,” which I learned as a summer camp counselor. As a result, the girls are responsible for washing, drying, and putting away the dishes each night after dinner and keeping their rooms in a state that doesn’t prompt me to run away screaming.

Practice Better Habits

When it comes to maintaining a clean and organized home, I’ve found that it’s truly the little things that make a big difference. Here are the simple habits that make a big difference for our family:

Daily: Making the beds, bringing in the mail, recycling or shredding anything that doesn’t require attention. Unpacking school bags and lunch boxes right after school. Doing dishes and packing lunches before bed. Putting clothes back in the closet or in the laundry hamper (I don’t believe in half-dirty clothes!) I also keep this all-purpose cleaner handy so I can give the kitchen counters and dining room table a quick spritz each night after dinner.

Weekly: Sundays are my Get-It-Done day, so I knock out my laundry (the girls and Jordan do their own), restock groceries and household essentials, and make sure the house is picked up and looking sharp for the week ahead. I also check and refill our cleaning products, dish soap, and laundry soap as necessary (we use this concentrate mixed with water to make all three!). While I don’t love spending a chunk of my weekend handling chores, I do love waking up on Monday to a clean and organized home.

cleaning routineOwn Less Stuff

My number one tip to help minimize your house cleaning routine? Less stuff. Less stuff means less dust, less stuff to clean, and less stress overall. Our family actually spends very little time cleaning, but people often remark on how clean our home looks. The magic of minimalism!

Have you found a way to ease the task of cleaning and maintaining your home? Please share in the comments below!

Image Credit: Vivian Johnson

Disclaimer statement: This post was kindly sponsored by Branch Basics. All opinions are my own and I only recommend products that I love and use in my own home. You can use this link or enter code SHIRAGILL for 15% off your Branch Basics starter set. 

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