Morning Routine Inspiration

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I recently wrote about my evening routine and how important it is to plan for the following day. Even with all the planning ahead of time, our girls are still young and leave for school quite early, so our mornings often feel rushed and frantic. The key difference is that when we get organized at night our kids are already sleeping and there are minimal distractions. In the morning, I need to stay focused on getting my little ones dressed, fed, packed up and out the door, which leaves little time for my own self care.

My aspirational morning routine is quite different from my actual morning routine so I am sharing it with the hope that I can get a little closer to my ideal routine this year.

My aspirational morning routine:

I wake up and drink a huge glass of lemon water.

I stretch or do at least 15 minutes of yoga.

I shower and get dressed for my day.

I eat a fresh, homemade breakfast.

I write down my daily goals and action plan.

I pack up my bag full of healthy snacks and go!


I’m hoping that by waking up a bit earlier and being more mindful of how I spend my time I can incorporate some of these activities into my current morning routine. For more morning routine inspiration, check out this video and this website.

What about you? How do you juggle busy mornings and create space to start your day off right? Please share!

image credit: sarah sherman samuals

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