My Organizing Tool Kit

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I’ve been editing and organizing houses for almost ten years, and I’ve refined my kit so I always have exactly the right tools when I’m on site with a client or streamlining my own home.

I'm sharing all of my tools of the trade to help you declutter and organize your own home.

Whether you’re a professional, or just want to be prepared to declutter and organize your own home like a pro, I’m sharing all of my tools of the trade. Read on for all of my favorites!

Must Haves

I got my canvas work tote from The Laundress, and I keep it stocked with the following essentials:

I always keep my work tote stocked with all of my essentials.

Pop Up Bins // (pictured above) These have become hard to track down since being discontinued, but any oversized bin or basket will work. I use them to hold donations, repairs, and even trash with a liner.

Garbage Bags // I use the oversized black bags in the 30 gallon size for corralling trash throughout the decluttering process.

Recycling Bags // I buy the paper bags at the grocery store for ten cents and use them for corralling paper and plastic recycling during decluttering sessions. Lawn and leaf bags are even sturdier and can be used for bulky recycling or for donations.

Donation Bags // These work horses from IKEA are reusable and virtually indestructible. I use them for huge closet edits, and they also work well for sheets, towels, and bulky kitchen items.

Tape Measure // My old-school essential for measuring before shopping for organizing supplies, furniture, or decor.

Label Maker // I’ve been using my beloved Brother p-touch since I founded my company. I also make sure to stock several extra rolls of label tape and batteries in case I run out on site.

My iphone // I use my phone to take notes throughout the session, to reference products or resources, and also to snap before/after pics.

Nice to Haves

These are the items that are useful, but not essential:

I also bring along some other useful items but not essential.

Organizing Labels // These are handy for organizing action item categories that come up such as shredding, repairs, and things that need to go back to a friend. I made my own signs and stickers, but a post-it note and sharpie will do the trick to keep you organized throughout the process.

Painters Tape // Painters tape is great for labeling items for moves or garage sales, and it’s also helpful for spacial planning and furniture layout.

Ziplock Bags // Helpful for safely corralling smaller donations like jewelry or small toys or puzzles.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies // I like this all purpose cleaner with a few cotton rags for dusting off shelves and dusty corners. The Magic Eraser also comes in handy for stain removal and sprucing up a space.

That’s it! I do my best to restock my bag after each session so I’m never scrambling for supplies. I keep this oversized tote bag stocked in my trunk with extra garbage, recycling, and donate bags, batteries, and label tape. I was never a girl scout, but I do like to be prepared. Happy Organizing, Friends!

Images: Vivian Johnson Photo

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