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New Series: Ask An Organizer

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I’m so excited to introduce you to my new series: Ask an Organizer! You’ll send in your burning home organizing questions and I’ve assembled an amazing team of experts who will provide answers, tips, and resources just for you. The first questions were submitted via Instagram. Keep an eye out for yours on an upcoming post!

You can meet the experts below, but first, let’s dive in to the first question:

Q. What do you do with the clothes you take off at night that aren’t dirty? I don’t like to put them in the closet, with the clean clothes, so they usually just end up on the floor.


Practically Perfect joins Shira Gill's Ask an Organizer series.

Practically Perfect: Try selecting a few beautiful hooks, like these, that are intended for exactly this purpose. We each have a few extra hooks hanging in our own closets, and we love to install them for our clients. It’s quick and easy to drape clothing on them, and it’s far less committal than re-hanging the clothing on hangers. If you have the space, placing a valet in your closet, bathroom, or bedroom is another great way to store those in-between clothes.  Functional and stylish… practical and perfect!



Jen Robins of Life in Jeneral answers questions about home organization.


Life in Jeneral: We do a couple of things depending on the closet’s space: We either add hooks somewhere (doing our best to keep them somewhat hidden) so those items can be easily hung up, or we designate a small hanging space (not near the other clothing) for the purpose of hanging those transitional clothes. Works like a charm!



Cathleen Simmons of Assembly LA answers questions about home style and organization.

Assembly LA: Great question! How about looking into adding a small hanging area behind a door or in a corner by your closet? You can build your own with pipe and flange from The Home Depot so it’s the perfect size. Unfortunately, to keep clothes off the floor, there is no escaping hanging them! Clothes get lost if they are tossed into something like a basket or drawer.




Simply Spaced answers questions about home organization on Shira Gill Home.

Simply Spaced: This question just came up with a client. Allocate a few command hooks (or nicer ones if you want) inside your closet so you can easily (and quickly) hang in-between clothes up and away and off the floor. It needs to be just as easy to hang them up as it is to drop them on the floor, so make the hooks accessible and high but tucked out of sight. Designating a small tucked away basket can serve the same function if you have more floor space than wall space. I have a small cloth-lined basket that tucks under my bed for this very purpose. It’s also a great trick for PJ’s which often fall into this category.


Love these ideas! If you have a burning question or organizing dilemma for the team, you can email it to inquiries@shiragill.com, subject: Ask an Organizer for a future feature.

Meet the Experts

Assembly LA  is a home and office organizing company based in Los Angeles that helps you simplify your life so you can focus on the fun stuff.

Practically Perfect is a Los Angeles based company devoted to constructing creative and functional organizing solutions that simplify daily activities, maximize space and exemplify practicality.

Simply Spaced is an organizing service and lifestyle company focused on transforming cluttered minds and spaces.

Life in Jeneral is based in Los Angeles and specializes in developing sustainable organizational methods uniquely tailored to each client’s needs.

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One comment on “New Series: Ask An Organizer

  1. Would love to know how to display kids school pictures. Love them of course, but the aesthetic doesn’t jive with any room or hallway. Any clever ideas? Also, kids art. My oldest is 5, I have a closet full 🙂

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