Nightstand Styling

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Is your nightstand covered in stacks of books, mail, and bills? Or perhaps it is littered with old snacks and kid toys? This little surface deserves a makeover! It is commonly said that making the bed sets the tone for the day. I would like to add that a streamlined, stylish nightstand invites you to rest and relax after a long day. I have a rule that mine only contains items that are pretty and make me happy. Could your nightstand use a little love and attention? Follow these simple tips for a quick and painless makeover.

Brass rimmed glass nightstand

One. Clear your nightstand completely and wipe down for a fresh start.

Two. Relocate any unnecessary or misplaced items, and stock your nightstand drawer with only the essentials: Reading glasses, current books or magazines, lip balm, hand cream, or anything else you like regular access to before sleep.

Three. Select a few pretty objects to style the surface of your nightstand. I find that intentionally styled surfaces discourage the dreaded clutter piles from forming. Favorites styling objects include: Fresh flowers or a potted plant, scented candles, pretty rocks or sculptural objects, a ceramic dish for jewelry, and framed photos. Remember less is more!

Happy styling. Your nightstand will thank you.

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