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Office Makeover Reveal

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I’ve always believed that your living spaces should align with your lifestyle, values, and priorities.

As much as we love hosting the occasional friend or family member, it had become evident that our family really needed a functional work, reading, and workout space, over a pretty guest room. (Sorry guests!)

Since our home is on the smaller side, we decided to transform our guest room into a multifunctional space to include: a workspace for two, a cozy reading nook, and a spot for my new Pelaton bike (yes, I love it and use it!).

Our house was going to be photographed for a book on living well in small spaces, so I challenged myself to overhaul the space within 10 days – Eek! Here was the room before the transformation. Since the room was only about 100 square feet, the bed took up almost the entire space.

The first step was to clear out the room so we could start with a clean slate. I started by ditching our file cabinet and consolidating all of our files into this super streamlined file box by CB2. We gave the bed, and bedding, to a friend who needed one (and they treated us to an epic dinner in exchange).

This is what the room looked like as we sorted and started to clear things out (it has to get worse before it gets better!).

My initial idea was to have a custom desk built, but when we got the estimate, I quickly shifted gears. Friend and designer, Kelsey Tu, helped me source a stylish, but affordable loveseat and a set of two budget-friendly desks which would achieve the look I was going for, but fit our space-challenged room and leave a spot for the bike.

I wanted the space to feel cozy and inviting so I ordered this sweet rug from Lulu and Georgia, and these comfy chairs from Article.

We also already owned this mid-century sconce from France and Son, so I ordered another one to go over the loveseat for reading.

We’re thrilled with how the new space turned out, and we love having a quiet place to work, read, and relax. Mission accomplished!

I love how a small shift in how you set up your home can really impact all areas of your life. It’s only been a few weeks, but I already feel more productive, and the kids love reading on the loveseat and using the space as a retreat when they need a little space from each other (I couldn’t get a great picture of the Pelaton bike, but, rest assured, we snuck it in along the back windows).

Do you have a space in your home you could reinvent to better suit your needs and lifestyle? What simple shifts could make a big impact?

Image Credit: Vivian Johnson Photography

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16 comments on “Office Makeover Reveal

  1. It looks amazing! I love the furniture pieces you chose and the subtle colors are ! File cabinets are taking up a majority of space in my office. That CB2 box has me dreaming of what is possible for our room!

  2. So serene! Love when a space has multiple functions and truly serves the occupants rather than wasted space.

  3. Super cute, Shira! Thanks for the backup on this concept! I’ve been trying to convince my husband that we need an office/reading room more than another guest room (we already have 1 other). The desk is currently in our bedroom and, after the Virtual Closet Makeover program, I am seriously motivated to clear our sleeping space of distractions 😉 – Mama Jo

  4. My home office, which functions overtime every day, will never have a clear surface like this. There is too much in process and my overlapping obligations are always in flux. So I decided to renovate a small adjacent room into a quiet study space with simpler furnishings. Cabinets and shelves arrive tomorrow. We’ll see how long I can keep it relatively uncluttered.

  5. It looks great! I’m currently on the hunt for a rug with pink and gray or black, and this one is perfect. After I tame my overflowing paperwork, I’ll start the process of creating my perfect space.

  6. This is fabulous!! I “found” you via The Life Coach School podcast a few weeks ago and I am in that early enamored stage with all your recommendations. Obsessed and excited !Thus far have cleaned out several closets, in process of making master bedroom closet a “boutique”- need to make purchases at the container store. AND I have one more load of 4 to go to Good Will with all the stuff we have pulled out of our house. The weird thing is that I didn’t think we were collectors but I was wrong 🙂 what an amazing thing to discover and act on to resolve- family is 100% on board. SO I am grateful to you. YOU are an inspiration. I am a hooked fan

  7. Wow, love this makeover! And what a great way to make better use of that room. I am sure it will be used every single day now by you and your lovely family. Thanks you for a great blog and website!

  8. Looks Amazing! Great job in 10 days! That’s the speed I like to work at! I’m in the process of remodeling our master bathroom and it will take sooo much longer than 10 days, oh well… it’s worth it and I can coach myself on patience 😉

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