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How to Organize Your Closet

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If you are looking to organize your closet, follow these simple steps and whip it into shape!

1. Edit edit edit! My number one tip for any organization project.

2. Group items into categories – i.e jeans together, sweaters together, handbags together.

3. Store the following items (grouped together in categories) in a dresser or armoire: socks, underwear, pjs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, loungewear, and workout clothing. I also reccommend folding and stowing all sweaters and delicate fabrics since hanging can damage them.

4. Hang these items grouped together in categories: blouses, dresses, skirts, pants, jeans, jackets.

5. For extra credit you can organize by color from light to dark in each section. I also suggest storing formal and occasional items in the very back of your closet. Favorites go front and center.

6. Shoes and handbags: Shoes can go on racks, built in cubbies or shelves or in a line across the closet floor. Baskets are great for flip flops and sneakers. Handbags can be stored in cubbies, on shelves or on hooks.

Happy Organizing!


photo credit: muotopuoliblog

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