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How to Organize Your Email

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Here’s what’s been working for me:

1. I read emails daily and immediately trash the ones I don’t need so they don’t clog my inbox.

2. Everything I do need to keep gets filed in folders I created through Gmail. I use simple broad categories i.e Prechool/Business/Sentimental so I can easily file away (and find) emails once I have read and responded to them.

3. I recently took 15 minutes to unsubscribe from all of the junk mail I was receiving every week from big box stores. It is such a relief not to receive dozens of unnecessary emails each day!

How do you keep your inbox clutter-free? I’d love to hear from you!


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One comment on “How to Organize Your Email

  1. I have two email addresses. If a store asks for an email address to send coupons then it goes to that secondary email address. It stops clutter in my primary email.

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