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How to Organize Your Food Storage Containers

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One thing I am often shocked by when I edit and organize a home is the sheer volume of Tupperware and food storage containers I find in the average household. Many of you have asked how I wrangle these goods into submission, so I am sharing my best Tupperware and food storage organizing tips below.

The “Less is More” Approach

In my house, we have one full set of glass food storage containers in a variety of sizes. We recycled or donated all of our old and mismatched food storage containers and invested in one set we liked. We rarely have lots of leftovers, so this approach works for us. I prefer glass over plastic because it doesn’t warp or get discolored, and it also doesn’t leech chemicals into your food. If you have a small collection, you can keep the tops on the bases and simply stack and store in a deep drawer or on a shelf. Easy peasy.

The “I’m Not a Minimalist” Approach

You cook a lot, you have a big family, you have that favorite one for your lasagne. Whatever the reason, you want to have more than one set. Fine! Start by recycling anything that’s damaged, warped, or stained, and keep only what you use on a regular basis. If you have enough space, stack by type with tops on. Otherwise you can nest from largest to smallest to maximize space, and store the tops separately in an organizer like this one. This glass nesting set can also be a great space saver if you need to invest in multiple sets.

The “Let’s Get Creative” Approach

Looking for some creative ways to tame the Tupperware? You can use a letter organizer, a CD tower, or even a dish rack to “file” your lids and keep them tidy. A tension rod is a simple hack to separate tops from bottoms in a drawer.

The “Let’s Customize It” Approach

If you own your home, and are looking for a long-term solution to tame the Tupperware, Shelf Genie will help you design and install custom inserts to suit your individual needs. Alternately, you can use these simple peg boards to secure containers by size and type so they stay neat and organized.

The Stylish + Sustainable Approach

The most sustainable options are made of sustainable materials such as glass, or wood instead of plastic. I love this stackable glass and bamboo set, and these reusable silicone lids are a great alternative to plastic lids or cling wrap.

The Wild Minimalist is my go-to shop for eco-friendly, plastic-free food storage supplies. They carry everything from cotton bread bags to this zero waste food storage set. I’ve also got my eye on this un-plastic wrap which can be composted after use.

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  1. where did you get the organizer that is pictured above in the drawer for the Tupperware & tops? im not seeing the link but i love that one. thanks! kristi

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