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Project 333: Update and Pics!

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I’ve been working hard at editing my closet to the essentials. I have donated a lot, given things to friends and sold the nicer stuff. And, for full disclosure, I have bought a few blouses and a few pairs of shoes and then forced myself to get rid of more so I could stay at or below 33 items.

I wear a basic uniform of a blouse or chambray shirt and jeans every day so it’s kept things fairly easy. Here’s the current selection which has been working for me quite nicely!

Tops: 9 blouses, 2 chambray shirts, 1 jacket = 12


Bottoms: 10 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of black pants = 11 (in case I have to be fancy I just put on a blouse and black heels!)

Shoes: 1 pair black heels, 3 pairs of ankle boots, 1 pair white Converse, 5 pairs of high heeled clogs (I know!) = 10

ps. These items do not count according to the rules: My watch, gold bangles, and rings which I wear every day + underwear, socks, workout gear and pjs. I’m also not counting swimsuits, flip-flops and cover-ups.


The benefits of this experiment have been numerous: It’s effortless to keep my closet clean and organized, getting dressed is a cinch, I wear nicer items because I got rid of the duds. As a final bonus everything fits easily in a suitcase so packing for my upcoming trip to LA will be a breeze! I can’t promise to stick to 33 items but the experiment has made me think much more strategically and carefully before buying anything. Are you in the process of streamlining your closet? Please share!

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3 comments on “Project 333: Update and Pics!

  1. So brilliant. Since reading your blog I’ve donated countless bags of clothes and toys to charity. It really has made me more conscious of our impulse to buy and buy and buy.

  2. I love this idea, but it makes me think: “What about T-shirts and shorts? What about workout clothes? What about sweaters? What about dresses?” I have very few clothes compared to most people I know, but I do love to wear dresses to parties and T-shirts when it’s warm!

  3. I just read your previous post and see that you weren’t including workout gear and that this is for three months, so I’m assuming that’s why T-shirts and shorts are out. I still love my dresses, though 🙂

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