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Quick Project: The Beauty Product Edit

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Most people, own a fair amount of beauty products that are old, expired or seldom used. The great news is that editing and organizing these products is pretty quick and painless. So, gather all of your products together, set a timer for 30-minutes and get going!

1. THE EDIT: Discard anything that has aged or expired. Old make-up will often change texture, color and scent, and expired make-up is a breeding ground for bacteria. So, check out these guidelines from Good Housekeeping and start tossing!

Mascara, Three Months/ Foundation, Six Months/ Powder, Two Years/ Liquid Eyeliners, Three Months; Cream Eye Shadows, Six Months; Pencil Eyeliners and Powder Eye Shadows, Two Years/ Lipstick and Gloss, Two Years; Lipliner, Two Years or More/ Sunscreen, Six Months/ Hair Products, One Year.

Basically, nothing older than two years gets to stay. No sentimental make-up allowed!


2. STORAGE: Now that you have tossed a good deal of products you can sort the “keepers” into two categories – Daily Use and Special Occasion. I keep my daily products displayed on a pretty tray on my dresser for easy access. You can use a drawer, a bin, a pouch, whatever floats your boat – Just make sure the items are stored in a convenient location for regular use. The Special Occasion products are stored in a bin in my linen closet so I can find them when I need them. Again, a pouch, a drawer or shelf would work just fine.

3. MAINTENANCE: Since beauty products are expensive and have a relatively short shelf life, I apply the “fewer, better” rule. I purchase high-quality products that feel luxurious, but only buy one item at a time. When a product is all used up, I get to buy a single replacement. The one-in, one-out rule will ensure that you stay clutter-free and well organized. It’s also better for the environment and your wallet!


photo credit: 1. a standard of living 2. vivian johnson photography

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One comment on “Quick Project: The Beauty Product Edit

  1. I’ve been trying to think of a good name for this process; I really like “the beauty product edit”. =) Also, I love that you use a lab glass beaker for your mouthwash cup. So chic!

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