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Quick Tip: Put It Where You Use It!

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It may seem obvious, but I have found that assigning items a “home” close to where you actually use the items saves a lot of time. Example: I used to store hair stuff for my girls upstairs in their bedroom because that seemed logical, even though I actually did their hair downstairs each morning. Finally, I wised up and stowed a little basket of detangler, a brush, and pony tail holders downstairs in our dining room hutch. I also like the idea of hanging a cute tote from a hook for easy access…

How do you simplify your morning routine?


photo credit: sunday suppers

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One comment on “Quick Tip: Put It Where You Use It!

  1. I love this tip! I think there are a lot of times it makes sense to override what seems like the logical spot for things–as you said, it depends on how you actually use those things.. I’ve had a few aha moments about this. For instance, I used to keep my stain remover downstairs, near my washing machine and detergent. Then I realized it would be better to put it near my family’s hamper, upstairs, so I could treat stains as I tossed clothes in.

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