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How to Refresh Your Style Without Buying New Clothes

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As an aspiring minimalist who loves fashion, I often struggle with how to reinvent my style without buying a whole new wardrobe. Here are a few things I’m experimenting with:

1. Change Your Makeup. I generally go super natural but love the look of a casual outfit with a bold eye or lip color. Hot pink, anyone?


2. Clothing Swap! Often, my girlfriends are in a similar rut and bored with their own clothing and we will trade a few pieces for a few months. This is a no cost low-risk way to switch up your style and it’s so fun to shop in someone else’s closet.


3. Try Unexpected Combinations. Try layering a dress with casual ankle boots or pair your ripped jeans with a dress heel. Throw on a hat layer some necklaces. Snatch up some inspiration from fashion magazines or blogs and experiment using what you already own.


photo credit: lily schlosser (great style inspiration too!)

How do you freshen up your style without breaking the bank? Would love your thoughts!

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