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Simple Solution: Snack Storage

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Snacks are a big part of my life. I am always running around town and need to pack easy snacks to keep my energy up and offer to my little ones. Right now, I am loving these flip top storage cups by OXO. They click open and closed and are easy for little hands to grip. I fill mine with cheese cubes, almonds, berries or little crackers and pop them into my purse or diaper bag for easy snacks on the go. Bonus points for the sleek design, bright fun colors and attached top so you don’t have to worry about the lid falling off.

Happy snacking!


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2 comments on “Simple Solution: Snack Storage

  1. Those look great — I keep losing lids, and I hate baggies. Any recommendations on larger food storage brands, or is Tupperware still the gold standard?

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