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A Speedy Dining Room Makeover

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We live in a 100-year old traditional craftsman, and, while I appreciate the wood details and charm, I’m still partial to light and bright spaces. If it were up to me I would probably paint the whole house white and grey, but my husband is very attached to the wood, so we had to find a compromise.

We started out with a dining room with lots of wood moldings and panels, and also a wooden table, bench, and chairs. I brightened it up a bit with lighting and white curtains.  But, I still felt that the room lacked balance, and I wanted to find an easy and affordable way to transform the space.

Here is the dining room BEFORE.

A before photo of professional organizer, Shira Gill's dining room.

I started by selling our table and chairs and ordering a large, white, tulip table and a pair of stools from Houzz. With the money we made selling our furniture, I was also able to splurge on two Eames chairs from DWR. (Eventually I would like a complete set.) My friend, Hedy, let me try out her pale cow hyde and I couldn’t resist completing the transformation with some fresh blooms from Lidia, floral genius and founder of La Fleuriste. (I cannot emphasize enough how much greenery and florals can transform a space.)

Here is the dining room AFTER.

The After photo of Shira Gill's quick dining room makeover, easily done with switching out some pieces of furniture.

I love that just by switching out the furniture we could create a whole different look, and I’m especially loving having a round table since I am prone to crashing into sharp corners! What do you think? Is there a room in your home that you could update just by swapping out some furniture?

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One comment on “A Speedy Dining Room Makeover

  1. Okay – the styling is PERFECTION in this shoot! I love your laurel branches (I think?). The white furniture makes the space feel so much bigger – and I love that it allows your eye to go straight through to the built in. Just lovely, Shira!

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