Spending Freeze: Can I live without it?

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This spending freeze has been a great exercise for me. I’ve realized that it is very easy to convince yourself you need something (i.e the shoes I ordered last week. Forgive me!).  It’s so tempting to say, “what if I’m invited to a formal event?” or “what if my daughter wants it in 5 years?” Perhaps, a better question is, “Can I live without it?” If you are looking to streamline your space and free yourself from clutter, this question is critical. What do you really need? What are the things that are really key for your day to day life? When you are contemplating buying something or getting rid of something stop and ask, “Can I live without it?” When I asked myself this question I was able to let go of an entire shelf full of vases and candle holders that I had been holding on to for years. The truth is that even though I always dream about hosting elaborate dinner parties, I seldom do and those items were just taking up space and collecting dust. It was a relief to donate them, and I have not missed them, even a little. What can you let go of this spring? Please share!


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