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Spending Freeze Challenge: Key Takeaways

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With the month coming to a close, I wanted to give a final update and share my key takeaways and highlights from my first spending freeze experiment:

I’m A Rule Breaker

It turns out I don’t like to be restricted! I tried to stick to my rules and guidelines for the freeze but did find myself crafting a few creative loopholes. For example, I ended up selling a lot of my clothes and then using the credit to buy a new pair of jeans I had been eyeing. I also discovered a few gift cards and credits that I redeemed. The good news is the few things I did purchase felt like thoughtful investments instead of mindless splurges so I have no regrets (even though my husband tells me I’m a cheater).

I Spend A Lot of Money on Food

Since I chose to limit my spending freeze to physical objects, I became quickly aware of how much I spend (constantly) on food, snacks, and eating out. I consider enjoying a great meal with family or friends one of life’s greatest pleasures, but would like to reduce my frivolous spending on things like iced tea, smoothies, and on-the-go snacks.

I Saved A Lot of Time and Energy

You know when you have a bunch of boxes sitting by the front door waiting to be opened or returned? It takes a lot of mental energy to hunt for things, order, return and manage stuff. I didn’t have any of that all month and found that I had much more time and energy for other more worthwhile pursuits.

I learned so much about myself and spending habits from doing a spending freeze.

I Love Window Shopping

It turns out I actually love window shopping. I am often sourcing styling and organizing products for clients and do enjoy looking at beautiful things and gathering inspiration without bringing anything home for myself. Have you ever tried just browsing but not buying? So empowering!

I Was Inspired to Get Creative

Throughout the month, when I got bored or restless, I challenged myself to get creative and work with what I already owned. I played with layering my wardrobe and experimented with new color combinations like wearing all navy or all white. I also found myself trying out jewelry and other accessories that I generally didn’t touch. In the end, I feel like I dressed better and more intentionally all month. A win-win!

For those who joined along, I’d love to hear how it went for you and what you learned about yourself and your spending habits. Please share in the comments below!

Also, if you’re interested in exploring the idea of a spending freeze check out these excellent resources for inspiration:

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8 comments on “Spending Freeze Challenge: Key Takeaways

  1. Isn’t it refreshing to know we are human and what we learn about ourselves is wonderful? I do have a question about your picture. Where did you find that wonderful key ring and glass case? I am replacing things in my purse with a more cohesive look and loved the things in your picture.

    1. Agreed! The key ring is from Schoolhouse Electric and the black tassel is from Clare V.
      Thanks so much for reading!

  2. Seriously how can you write this and post pictures of things I want to buy! I already bought a pair of clogs because of your site and I would love those black shoes you are holding and everything else you didn’t buy I want to buy!!!

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