Spending Freeze Wrap Up: I Messed Up, I Learned Some Stuff

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OK. So, I’m not perfect, and there were a few slip ups this month. I bought shoes that were on crazy sale, an awesome blouse and an oversized basket for magazines from the Crate and Barrel Outlet. (I wasn’t shopping. My friend, Naomi, told me about it!)


Despite my blunders I still learned a lot from this exercise in spending less:

1. Be Creative: When you shop less, you are forced to “shop” from your own closet and come up with some great, creative new outfits.

2. Be Thoughtful: When you want something, force yourself to hesitate and write it down. If you still want it in a week you can pull the trigger and know that you are making really good decisions when you do choose to buy something. (I spend an embarrassing amount of time returning impulse buys).

3. Be Strategic with Your Time: If you are not running around scouting and buying and returning you have more time for things like… working out, reading, spending time with friends and family.

4. It feels really, really good to reign in the spending and feel totally  in charge of your finances.

5. You can get the same high from cleaning out your closet as a shopping spree. Really. You can!

Stay tuned for my next post featuring a Spring Special on my most popular package… The Closet Makeover!

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