Your Stress-Free Holiday Shopping Guide

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Does holiday shopping fill you with dread each time winter rolls around? You are not alone. Stress-free holiday shopping is possible! Read below for some quick tips to help ensure you tackle this shopping season with ease:

Shop Well In Advance

Instead of battling massive crowds in December, hit your favorite shops early. If possible, shop on a weekday or arrive right at opening time when retail shops are calm and quiet. You can also opt for a gift wrap option at most boutiques and department stores so your holiday gifts will be wrapped and ready to go!

Here's are some stress-free shopping tips for this holiday season.

Order Online

With the click of a button you can order almost anything under the sun! While I love shopping locally and supporting small businesses, I also can’t resist the ease of online shopping as we approach the holidays. Make sure to stock some gift wrap paper and labels since most online purchases don’t come wrapped. I love using simple brown butcher paper with pretty ribbon and customized gift tags. (See some great options here).

Opt for Clutter-Free Gifts

My favorite gifts to give and receive are experiential, not tangible.  Get creative and make a gift card for breakfast in bed, dinner and a movie, or a spa date. These thoughtful gifts don’t require any shopping or wrapping so it is a total win-win. You can read my favorite clutter-free gift ideas right here.

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