Style Inspiration: The Capsule Wardrobe

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If your closet is packed with clothes but you feel like you have nothing to wear, a capsule wardrobe might be just what the doctor ordered. While it seems paradoxical, a leaner closet can actually make you feel like you have more options. A capsule wardrobe forces you to thoughtfully define your personal style, invest in timeless, well-made pieces, and fill your closet only with things that fit and flatter your current body.

Living with a streamlined closet has enabled me to spend less time and money shopping and encouraged me to make more conscious choices about what pieces I invest in. I’ve had to get creative mixing and matching pieces in a new way. If you are considering a closet edit and want a little inspiration and support, let me introduce you to a few of my favorite minimalist fashion bloggers. When it comes to living with less in-style these ladies get top marks.

Style Bee

Founder Lee Vosburgh provides you with style inspiration aplenty (10 outfits out of 10 pieces!) as well as super helpful workbooks and exercises. My favorites are Write Your Style Story, Recognize Your Shopping Triggers, and Define Your Color Palette. Click here for more from Style Bee. I’m hooked!

Capsule Wardrobe Closet


Caroline Rector founded her minimalist fashion blog Unfancy in an attempt to curb her shopping habit and redefine her personal style. She shares simple outfit ideas and closet curating tips, and focuses on style over trends. I love her emphasis on ethical fashion and her capsule planner for those just starting out on a leaner closet mission.

Capsule Wardrobe Collection


Anushka Rees was one of the original minimalist fashion bloggers and recently launched her first book, The Curated Closet. She is all about helping you define your personal style and sharing tips to curate your own closet. Check out her 10 Step Wardrobe Revamp here and other great stye resources here.

The Curated Closet Book

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