5 Simple Styling Tips to Uplevel Your Living Spaces

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I am so excited to introduce you to my dear friend, and self-taught design talent, Carly Waters, founder of Carly Waters Style. Carly and I share a love of clean, streamlined spaces and I am always gushing over her latest design projects and spot on styling details. Design can be intimidating, but I believe that simple touches like a bowl of lemons or a bunch of fresh flowers can totally transform a space. With that in mind, I asked Carly to share some of her best quick tips for making things pretty. Take it away, Carly!

Tip #1- Don’t underestimate the power of greenery. As someone who prides myself on not being wasteful, one of my favorite styling tricks is using {free} branches & greenery from my own backyard. I love a good peony as much as the next person, but you know what I love even more– living, free plants around my house.


Tip #2- Books are key. Despite having no time to read any of these said-books, they do wonders for styling open shelves and table tops. Use them upright, stacked or leaning against a wall.  My number one styling tip with books is to ditch the book jackets.

image (1)

Tip #3-Take everyday objects and make them pieces of art.  We all need hats and sunglasses, so why not use those objects to style a foyer? Any eyesores? Toss them.

image (2)

Tip #4- Photo ledges are your friend. They are the perfect place to style all your miscellaneous art that works best as a collection.

image (3)

Tip #5- Elevate your everyday items & use them to style your counter tops. We all need mouthwash but who wants to stair at a Crest bottle? Not me. Instead, use pretty glass bottles for every day essentials like mouthwash, or invest in high quality products that are display-worthy.

image (4)

Thanks, so much for sharing, Carly! I’m off to hang a photo ledge and snip some green sprigs from my backyard! Make sure to follow Carly on Instagram to check out her latest projects and design tips.

photos 1,2,3 // photos 4,5

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