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The Art Pantry: E-Guide Launch!

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Have you heard of The Art Pantry? In addition to being a creative resource for parents and educators, founder Meghan Schiller has recently launched two fabulous e-guides, The New Playroom and Invitation To Create. Invitation To Create gives you 30 easy art prompts (they really are easy!) and my girls have eagerly devoured each one! Plus, you only need a few minutes and very basic supplies to set them up.


The New Playroom is a step by step guide on how to set up a home art space for kids. I especially love the concept that you don’t have to have a huge home or a fancy playroom in order to create an inviting, creative space for your child. In our family, we don’t have a playroom, so I just keep a few shelves in our dining room stocked with grab and go supplies our kids can reach – paper, pens, colored pencils, tape and glue sticks are enough to keep them busy.

Do you need some fresh ideas or support setting up an art space? Check out The Art Pantry website and get creative with your kids!

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