The Best Plastic-Free Home Organizing Products

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Today, I’m sharing a roundup of some of my favorite plastic-free storage solutions. Let’s get right down to it. Plastic sucks. It leaches toxins into our food, water, and air, and is harmful to our oceans and endangers our wildlife. Luckily, it’s easier than you might think to cut down on plastic consumption and invest in more sustainable products. I’ve spent a LOT of time sourcing products for clients, and I always do my best to find stylish, sustainable, and plastic-free/low-plastic options.

best plastic-free home products

Remember – the MOST sustainable option is to shop your home and not buy more stuff, so make sure you actually need more containers before you grab any of the items listed below. But, if you find that you really do need some cute, functional, plastic-free storage options, I’ve got you covered. Let’s go!

1. Storage Baskets with Handles

These workhorse bins come in a variety of sizes and can be used for storing everything under the sun! I have them in my pantry for corralling snacks, cooking staples, canned goods, sauces – even water bottles and food storage containers. Pair with these metal bin clip labels and celebrate your organized life.

2. Glass Storage Canisters

These simple, clear canisters are great for baking and pantry staples as well as for storing other household utility items like laundry soap, dryer balls, pet treats, and more!

3. Wire Gym Basket

This small, industrial basket won’t rust and is great for storing sports gear, office supplies, and kid toys.

4. Glass and Bamboo Food Storage Containers

I spent years trying to find the best food storage containers that were easy to open and close and made with sustainable materials. These beauties are stackable and made of durable glass with pretty bamboo lids – perfect for storing leftover, produce, and snacks.

5. White Ceramic Canisters

My top pick from Marie Kondo’s new product line, these sturdy canisters look charming on your countertop and are perfect for flour, sugar, coffee, or your favorite snacks.

6. White Stackable Bins

These mesh stackable bins are ideal small-space storage solutions for all over your home. I use them for storing small play sets, toys, and games in play spaces, and for setting up snacks, produce, and packaged goods in the pantry. The price is right, and I love that they are made from metal but you can still see the contents – a great plastic alternative! Need labels? These metal bin clip labels are easy to use.

7. Woven Floor Baskets

Open baskets are my number one organizing product. I use them for stowing toys, blankets, seasonal accessories, firewood, stuffed animals – you name it. These woven floor baskets from The Citizenry are large, durable, and stylish. I  especially love that they are handmade by artisans in Mexico in a fair trade environment instead of mass produced.

8. Sturdy Wooden Hangers

I’ve found that the popular velvet non-slip hangers snap and break easily and are a magnet for dust. Instead, I prefer to invest in a set of sturdy wooden hangers for my closet. These blouse hangers include non-slip features but will never snap or break. I use them in coat, guest, and primary closets.

9. Bamboo Drawer Organizer Set

These wooden drawer organizers create instant order in your junk drawer, utility drawer, or work space. Each set includes six organizers which can be puzzle pieced together.

There are so many stylish, sustainable plastic alternatives to use throughout your home, and I believe if we all can start investing in alternative materials we can collectively make a huge positive impact on the planet without feeling any negative impact on our lives or routines. I’m almost completely plastic free at this point, but I still rely on large plastic waterproof and airtight storage bins in my basement. Whoever introduces me to a functional alternative immediately becomes my new best friend.

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