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Handbag Storage

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Recently, my good friend, Sierra, asked me to do a post on handbag storage.

Bag storage is challenging because women love to switch bags and rotate the contents, and also need a good place to store the one in use. They usually end up in a huge pile in the closet or draped over random door knobs. This simply will not do!

My first idea was to make the switching itself easier. I spotted these lovely pouches from Baggu and thought one of them would fit all the necessities: mobile phone, make-up, keys and wallet. Now it would be easy to switch from bag to bag since the daily essentials are contained in a single pouch!

Now, how to store the bags?  If you have lots of space in your entry way Pottery Barn carries a great selection of storage furniture. I was drawn to the big drawers in this unit which would make concealed handbag storage a breeze.

If you need a solution for smaller spaces I like this hanging holder from Amazon.com:

You can also use a closet shelf to display the bags neatly with these wire shelf dividers.

I also found these acrylic ones to be functional and a bit sleeker:

If you are truly short on storage space (like me!) I am convinced that hooks are the way to go. One durable over-the-door hook will do the trick for the bag of the moment and wall-mounted hooks will take care of storing the rest.

The Container Store has a big assortment but I am loving the fancy pants hooks from Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.

Also loving this modern option from Blu Dot for hanging and displaying multiple bags.

Finally, I am considering this super durable over the door stroller hook for my big, heavy mama bag. I bought a beautiful storage bench thinking I would toss it in, but it’s just not proving to be practical. I am in and out so many times a day I need my bag to be easy to grab and store.

Have ideas on bag storage? Please share!

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