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The TV Experiment

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Everyone I know wants more hours in the day.

We all get the same 24 hours and the only variable is how we spend that time.

Now, a mother of two and a small business owner, my time has felt more precious than ever.

I started thinking about how I spend my time and realized I was guilty of watching a slightly humiliating amount of TV.

This got me thinking…what if I removed the TV from my bedroom and replaced it with a stack of books?

I have decided to do just that and today I disconnected our TV and cable box and replaced them with some pretty flowers and a pile of books and magazines that I am excited to read. I am also planning to create a basket of kids books so I can read my girls stories instead of watching a show with them.

I find that when I walk into the room it feels so different. Now, it is a room that invites me to rest, think, read, be creative. I realized how much time I was squandering on TV and am excited to see how removing it will impact my life and how I spend my time.

Do you have thoughts about the role of television in your life? Would love to hear from you!


Photo by Hedy Macferran

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4 comments on “The TV Experiment

  1. Glad to hear you’ve removed the TV from the bedroom. We did that when our “big” tv broke and you’re right, walking into the bedroom was much more peaceful and restful. I’m not a mother of two beautiful kids, so I’ve been able to read and write a whole bunch instead of zoning out to The Closer…

  2. We just cancelled cable and although we’re still going to stream shows and movies on our computer, it already feels like our viewing habits are way more intentional. Not to mention saving a butt-load.

    Also I’ve never had a tv in the bedroom and operate from the perspective that of all the rooms in my house my bedroom is my sanctuary.

    Way to go Shira, Let me know if you go through withdrawls.

  3. It seems like more and more of my friends are giving up cable because they already spend so much time in front of a glowing box: using a computer, playing games, watching DVDs, watching streaming video, etc. For us tv is a treat we indulge in when we’re in a hotel.

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