The TV Experiment

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Everyone I know wants more hours in the day.

We all get the same 24 hours and the only variable is how we spend that time.

Now, a mother of two and a small business owner, my time has felt more precious than ever.

I started thinking about how I spend my time and realized I was guilty of watching a slightly humiliating amount of TV.

This got me thinking…what if I removed the TV from my bedroom and replaced it with a stack of books?

I have decided to do just that and today I disconnected our TV and cable box and replaced them with some pretty flowers and a pile of books and magazines that I am excited to read. I am also planning to create a basket of kids books so I can read my girls stories instead of watching a show with them.

I find that when I walk into the room it feels so different. Now, it is a room that invites me to rest, think, read, be creative. I realized how much time I was squandering on TV and am excited to see how removing it will impact my life and how I spend my time.

Do you have thoughts about the role of television in your life? Would love to hear from you!


Photo by Hedy Macferran

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