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The Value of Constraint

I recently returned from an incredible training program at The Life Coach School with master coach, Brooke Castillo. One of the things Brooke mentioned during the program was how the concept of constraint has helped her in her life. She has a wonderful podcast about it you can listen to here. She defines constraint as a limitation or restriction you impose that simplifies your life and helps eliminate decision fatigue. She advises that keeping your options open is generally a huge mistake and can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Here are some examples of how this concept of constraint can be applied to different parts of your life:

*Focusing on one key priority at a time in your business or career.

*Only spending money you have and paying for everything in cash.

*Filling your home only with items you use and love and having a place for everything you own.

*Deciding what time you will unplug from tv and technology each day.

*Picking a small capsule wardrobe and limiting your closet to a certain amount of items.

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What constrained rules would help simplify your life? Think of all of the areas where this may be helpful to you – your physical environment, your career, your diet, your finances, your relationships, etc. What constraints do you already have that have been helpful? I’d love to hear from you!

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3 comments on “The Value of Constraint

  1. I’ve been thinking about this in regards to my wardrobe that is 99% black. Though I started wearing black as a teen as part of defining my identity, I have continued doing so late into my 30’s. It makes my life so incredibly simple. Young children in my preschool often ask “why do you love black so much?!?”….. lots of reasons!!! I do one load of laundry. I shop in one section of the store. Everything in my closet matches!! Easy peasy. Ahhhh…. The joys of constraint!! 🙂

  2. I love this. I’ve incorporated it into some areas of my life– limited wardrobe (Thank you, LeTote!), staying within my means, all things in my home have a place– but I’m intrigued about applying this idea to my work. I’m going to think about that.

  3. I limit the storage and flat surface where I can drop items. Like this, I think twice before buying/keeping something and I have to store the items because I don’t have a lot of places for the burden.

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