This is How to Share a Closet

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Most of you have seen a ton of images of my closet, and have heard me talk about sharing a single closet with my husband, Jordan. Now, for the first time, I’m showing you the other side of the closet, and sharing how we divide the space and make it work.

Tip One: Divide the Space in Half

Instead of chopping up the space into sections by type, we have divided the closet pretty evenly in half so we each have our own section (I’m not what you would refer to as “great at sharing” so this set up makes me feel like I still have ownership of my own space). Below, is my side of the closet.

Tip Two: Add Shelves

The closet came with one shelf and a basic rod, so we just added a few additional shelves maximize our vertical space. This was a quick and cost-effective way to greatly increase storage space and solve our shoe storage challenge.

Ready for the big reveal? Below, is a picture of Jordan’s side of the closet.

Tip Three: Get Creative

We had a number of challenges to sort out when setting up our closet: There is a strange built-in bench that takes up a lot of the lower closet area and we also needed our closet to store our luggage and coats since this is the only closet we’ve got. We stock our suitcases with weekend bags, packing cubes, and other travel essentials and tuck our few coats and formal wear in the back corner which is hard to access. Jordan keeps his weights tucked in the back and I keep a low round basket on my half for laundry.

Tip Four: Divide the Dresser

If you don’t have room for more than one dresser like us, just divide it in half and limit the quantity you own. For our everyday basics, we share a six-drawer dresser which we have also divided in half. The dresser contains, socks, underwear, workout, lounge, PJs and a few bulky sweaters.

Maybe one day if we move, I’ll have a walk-in closet all of my own, but in the meantime I feel proud that we’ve been able create a maintain a closet that feels good to both of us.

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Images: Vivian Johnson Photography

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