Three Easy Hacks to Keep Your Car Organized

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I have a friend who has been requesting a post on car organization. I just bumped into her and she reminded me that it was way overdue. So, Sarah, this one’s for you!

Cars tend to be a magnet for clutter, especially when kids are involved. Our family of four has decided to only own one car, and between my decluttering missions, family road trips, and weekend plans, it gets a lot of action! Here are the three simple hacks I use to keep our car organized and clutter-free:

Stash Your Trash

Most cars are littered with wrappers and trash simply because there is no designated place to dispose of it. Enter the leakproof hanging car trash bag. This simple solution has been a real game changer for us. Our family takes a lot of road trips and our kids used to toss trash, tissues, etc. on the floor. No more! Now they each have their own trash bag conveniently located right in front of them so they can easily dispose of their own trash and our car can stay clean and clutter-free. Some of these bags also have storage for tissues, water bottles and other common supplies. Brilliant!

Keep your car clean and organized with these simple ideas from Shira Gill Home.

Bins Are Your Friend

What to do with items like motor oil, paper towels, emergency kits, first aid kits and all the other provisions that float around most cars?  I like using a crate or bin to corral all of these items in my trunk so they stay contained and leave plenty of room for groceries, gym bags, work supplies, and suitcases when we travel. I also have had great success placing a small bin between my daughter’s car seats to contain books, games, toys and snacks when we take road trips.

The Everything Out Rule

This is the most important one, so listen up! Even if I’m tired, even if I’m toting a purse, a work bag, a water bottle, and a trunk full of groceries, I take everything out of the car when I get home. I also make sure my kids do the same, even though it requires regular reminding. They are responsible for taking anything they brought into the car out of the car. It’s just that simple. This rule has a compound effect – the little effort it takes to remove things each day, ensures that your car will never be overflowing with random misplaced items.

How do you keep your car clean and clutter-free? Please share your tips and ideas in the comments below!

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