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Three Easy Hacks to Keep Your Purse Organized

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Purses tend to be a magnet for clutter. Even the most organized among us can end up with handbags filled with old receipts, loose change, gum wrappers, and business cards. Some of my dearest friends and clients won’t even let me peek in their bags because they are so embarrassed about the chaos lurking inside!

Maintain a clean and organized purse with these three tips from professional organizer, Shira Gill.

Fear not! Here are the three simple hacks I use to keep my own handbags organized and clutter-free:

Your Purse is Not a Storage Facility

Purses seem to become a convenient catchall for storing everything from work projects to toiletries and accessories. Not only can an overstuffed purse make it hard to find what you need when you need it, but heavy bags can also lead to chronic back and neck pain and who needs that?

Simplify your life by dumping everything out and relocating items that are not required for daily use. In my bag, I do my best to carry only my wallet, a small leather makeup bag, my keys and mobile phone (I have a separate work tote stocked for organizing and styling projects that I keep in my trunk).

Organizing your life includes keeping your purse clean and organized. Here are three tips to do so!

Group by Category

Once you have edited down to the essentials, make sure to group and store by category. All make-up, hair-ties, and beauty products should be stored together in a pouch or cosmetic bag. Money, credit and I.D. cards, cash, change, and checkbooks can all be contained in a wallet. Earbuds and chargers can be stored in a sunglass case or zip pouch for easy access. If you have young kids, try storing diapers, snacks, pacifiers, band-aids, etc. together in an oversized zip pouch like this one.

Pouches are a fantastic way to keep items organized in your purse.

The Daily Clean-Out

You’re busy, I know! But it will take you less than a minute to discard any wrappers, stray receipts, and trash that has made it’s way into your purse each day. A little daily maintenance will guarantee that you never have an overstuffed, disorganized bag to contend with.

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2 comments on “Three Easy Hacks to Keep Your Purse Organized

  1. Ok, you seriously read my mind. I have been thinking about how to write you and ask if you’d be willing to share what wallet you use, your purse situation, etc. Thank you!! But seriously, have you found a wallet that you love? I want to know more.

  2. Annaliese – Love that! Currently I own a few bags – A vintage coach tote, x2 Cuyana bags and a Clare V cross-body. I use a make-up bag and leather wallet from Cuyana which work really well and are lovely to look at. Hope that helps!

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