Tiny Changes: A Linen Closet Refresh

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Here’s how this actually happened: I crashed into the massive laundry hamper in our bedroom for the millionth time and decided something had to be done. While our shared laundry bin was attractive enough, functional, and even made of sustainable materials, it was huge. Ideally we would’ve tucked it discreetly into a closet or a bathroom, but after trying every possible place we realized it was just too big for our small home – there was simply nowhere it could be tucked.

And that’s when Jordan had a great idea. He hypothesized that if we cleared a single shelf in our linen closet (which is directly adjacent to our bedroom), we could stow two smaller laundry baskets inside the closet – one for each of us. After trying a few baskets to find the right size and shape, we landed on these handwoven beauties from Connected Goods. The next step was to clear room in the linen cabinet. Just by donating a few extra blankets and consolidating our sheets, we were able to create enough space to store the two baskets and eliminate a daily bedroom hazard. Oh, joy! Bonus: I rewarded Jordan for his smart thinking by giving him the honor of helping me paint the inside of the closet. Don’t look too closely at the floor where we both spilled paint – we’re not professionals.


This small shift has actually had a huge impact. Our bedroom is less cluttered (no more crashing into laundry bins for me), and I like that we now have our own laundry baskets (#notgreatatsharing). Bonus: I gave the old one to my good friend, Ariel, who has twins. I love that sometimes a solution can be found simply by asking the question, “how could this be better?”

For inquiring minds, the rest of the linen closet houses all of our backup sheets and towels, first-aid, and backup products. I’m not gifted in the folding arts, so I use the open bins for sheet sets and the large boxes on the floor for extra towels and bathmats. I love that it always looks neat and tidy even when the contents inside aren’t perfect.

Storage products linked below:

Open Farmhouse Bins // First-Aid Box / Linen Boxes with Lids

What about you? Have you made any small but impactful shifts in your home? Please share in the comments below!

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