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Tote Bag

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I recently went for a spa day with my friend, Hedy, and was distracted by her charming LL Bean Open Top Tote Bag. She had filled it with folded beach towels, toiletries and magazines for the day and my imagination started running wild thinking of the bag’s many possibilities: It was big enough to tote laundry or groceries. It could be filled with toys in a child’s room or closet. It could be a great park bag filled with sand toys, sunscreen etc. It is so thick and sturdy that it can stand up on its own and could even function as a catch all for an emergency kit or car supplies.

So many ways to use it and love it!

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2 comments on “Tote Bag

  1. I was given one of these stuffed with a baby something as a shower gift. The baby something is long out of use, but the bag is great and looks like it will last a long time!

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