True Story: My Kids Have Two Pairs of Shoes

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I just shocked my client when I confessed that not only do my girls share a single 6-drawer dresser but they each only own two pairs of shoes.

I think she almost fainted. And here’s how it works: They are growing girls and spend most of their time getting messy at preschool or running around the city with us. For these times they wear their Natives which are waterproof, breathable and easy for them to get on and off. Occasionally we will go to a wedding or a birthday party and they will wear their Saltwater Sandals.


Clothes: Their dresser has three drawers for each of them – The top drawer has tops and casual dresses, the middle drawer has leggings and jeans and the bottom drawer has underwear, diapers, socks, and Pjs. Because we keep it super simple, the girls can dress themselves and put away their clothing without a fuss. We use their closet for toy storage but they do have a few fancy dresses hanging in there as well.

By keeping only what we need and use and doing regular quick edits as they grow it makes life much easier for everyone! If your kiddos are drowning in clothing and shoes it may be time to do a  three-hour Kiddie Closet Makeover! Contact me at inquiries@shiragill.com and I will whip those drawers into shape!

* Confession: My 5-year old recently figured out that it this was a bogus plan and convinced me to buy her another pair of shoes for variety.



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